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Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP) PDF Print E-mail

The Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is a group of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use. We are advocating for a community that supports and encourages substance free youth.

Vision: We who live, work, and care about youth in Ottawa County will prevent substance abuse through effective, coordinated and sustainable action. 

Priority Areas: According to the 2011 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey, our 8th, 10th and 12th grade students report:


→ Almost 1 in 5 students report current alcohol use

→ 1 in 8 students report current binge drinking

→ 1 in 7 students report current use of marijuana

→ 1 in 9 students report having misused prescription medication

     at least once in their lifetime

→ Youth in Ottawa County are initiating substance use at an early age

   (typically around age 13)

 OSAP Infographic

PDFOSAP Strategic Plan (PDF)

PDFOSAP Annual Report 2013-2014

PDFOSAP Annual Report 2011-2012

PDFOSAP Annual Report 2010-2011

PDFOttawa County Youth Assessment Survey 2011 (PDF)

PDFOttawa County Youth Assessment Survey 2009 (PDF)



InformationUseful information, resources and workshops

InformationInformational brochures on drugs

PDFOSAP Drug Abuse Log Booklet (PDF) Prescription education/medication management tool


Roadwise Rx Online tool detailing common side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medication with personalized feedback on how medications, herbal supplements and foods, and their interactions with each other, can impact safety behind the wheel  



TALKSOONERStudies show that kids in west and southwest Michigan are experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as early as age twelve. The sooner you talk, the easier it is to keep the line of communication open with your children.

At you will find links to helpful resources, techniques, and conversation starts, as well as current information and events in West Michigan. 




Robert Anastas, the founder of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) came and spoke to students at Ottawa County High Schools on April 18th. Mr. Anastas is a former school administrator, teacher and hockey coach and lost two students to drinking and driving in 1981. Mr. Anastas spoke to students about developing responsible attitudes and making good decisions. He emphasized the fact that college is becoming more and more competitive and in order for students to succeed they need to be at their best. Mr. Anastas gave the  students four keys to success and encouraged them to remain drug and alcohol free.

While Mr. Anastas only spoke to students in Ottawa County, he had a message for both students and parents. Mr. Anastas encouraged families to develop a contract where youth promise to call if they ever find themselves in a situation where a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this same contract, the parent and/or guardian promises to pick up their youth or to arrange for another safe transportation option. The contract says that in the moment parents won’t lecture or discuss the issue, but will instead focus on making sure there is a safe option for the teen to get home. The contract does say the matter will be discussed later.

This Contract is designed to facilitate communication between young people and their parents about potentially destructive decisions related to alcohol, other drugs, peer pressure, and behavior.  It can also help parents bring up the challenging topic of underage drinking and begin conversations with their teens early.


PDFPrice Proclamation (PDF)

PDFThe Check In® Contract for a Winning Life (PDF)  

Safe Prom Initiative PDF Print E-mail

The Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP) is proud to launch the 10th year of the Safe Prom Initiative.  This campaign was developed to eliminate underage drinking during prom season.  From 1997 to 2010 over 3,600 youth in Michigan died as a result of drinking and driving.  Because of these alarming statistics, we want to ensure that places where youth typically frequent during prom season are aware to these efforts.  Over 400 Safe prom packets have been mailed to area vendors that could be involved in both prom and graduation preparation and events. Each packet consisted of several marketing pieces that can be displayed, indicating that the vendor is participating in the Safe Prom campaign to stop underage drinking.

Additionally, over 2500 area high school students will receive a specially designed “gumvelope” with the safe prom message on it.  Contact Vicki Kavanaugh via email for more information.

PDFOttawa County High School Proms/Banquets 2016 (PDF)

PDFSafe Prom 2016 Posters (PDF)

Parent Workshops & Prevention Trainings PDF Print E-mail

Adult Mental Health First Aid: Training for community members

Attend the training and learn specific skills to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use disorders.

When: Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm

Cost: The class is FREE with lunch provided

Childcare: Not offered for this class

Location: Pathways, MI (412 Century Lane, Holland, MI, 49423)


Continuing Education: 8 hours MCBAP credits provided


Registration required

DOWNLOAD ICONDownload PDF flyer (English)


"The Real Robots of Robot High" is an interactive video game for middle school students (age 11-14) designed by teens to prevent dating violence, bullying, and digital abuse.  It is a blended learning experience where teaching and discovery take place through game play and design, individual instruction and large group discussion.



The Real Robots of Robot High Curriculum consists of six 45-minute Lesson Plans and The Getting Started Guide”. 


The Real Robots of Robot High Curriculum

Click here to download the full curriculum in one PDF, or click the titles below to download them individually!


Lesson 1: Episode One: Welcome to Robot High

Students learn to identify and work with social system mechanics as they meet the characters and learn the story of The Real Robots of Robot High. In small and large group discussions, students analyze the unhealthy relationship dynamics between the show's main characters, Jette and Bro, and discuss how those dynamics impact the entire school community.


Lesson 2: Episode Two: It's Gone Berserkies!

Students deepen their understanding of social system mechanics as they play and repair video games that focus on the relationship between communication and influence. In classroom discussions students talk about how social norms — especially those about gender — affect social cruelty and violence.


Lesson 3: Episode One: The Annual Dance

Students build mastery of social system mechanics as they take on more advanced game repairs that focus on how social norms and influence affect individual and small group behavior.


Lesson 4: Episode One: Design a Game Based on a Story

Students design and publish a video game based on a story that challenges them to more deeply consider how social norms and influence affect individual and small group behavior. At the end of class, students will publish their games to Game Alley where the entireReal Robots community will be able to play and review it.


Lesson 5: Episode One: Play & Review Games in the Community

Students apply a systems thinking approach to playing and reviewing video games that their classmates designed in the previous lesson. At the end of the lesson students can read the reviews about their game and use that feedback to make it more fun and challenging for players.


Lesson 6: Episode One: Design a Game Based on Your Own Story

Students design and publish a video game based on a story that they create themselves. Students will demonstrate mastery of social system mechanics as they develop the concept for their story and figure out how to model it in a fun and challenging game. At the end of class, students will publish their games to Game Alley where the entireReal Robots community will be able to play and review it.

Students will maintain lifetime access to their Real Robots of Robot High account where they will be able to continue the conversation as they design and share games, connect to resources in the Talkback section and enter exciting game design competitions.

WebsiteClick here for more information!




Listen as Rosalind Wiseman speaks on the importance of incorporating bullying prevention training for educators into schools. 






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