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Youth Outreach:

18% of Ottawa County youth and 21.8% of Allegan County Youth have used alcohol in the past 30 days. 14% of Ottawa County Youth and 13.4% of Allegan County Youth Report using Marijuana is the past 30 days.*  This means that between 1 and 5 and 1 in 4 youth are using substances.  According to research from the American Athletic Institute and the National Institute of Drug Abuse youth who begin using substances before the age of 19 are 40% more likely to struggle with addiction as an adult.

BUT, youth are not accessing treatment in the same rates as they are struggling with substances use.

*Source: 2013 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey and 2013-2914 Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth.

Pathways, MI is now providing a community based outreach program in Allegan & Ottawa counties that actively seeks to meet youth and to provide screening, intervention, and counseling services to youth who may need assistance in dealing with substance use and abuse. We believe that by reaching out to youth and providing support where youth are at, we can help to reduce the numbers of youth using substance and impact the likelihood the youth in our community will struggle with addiction in the future.


Youth Outreach Services Provide

  • Outreach to educate youth, parents and youth-serving programs to share and connect available treatment options;
  • Screening and trained professionals to talk with youth in a non-threatening environment;
  • Comprehensive individualized assessment that addresses:
    • Family, school and community connections;
    • Extent of substance use;
    • Presence of mental health disorders;
    • Trauma; and
    • Need for additional services.
  • Individual, group (if appropriate) and family counseling;
  • Pro-social activities as alternatives to substance use and other high-risk behaviors.
  • Just Be Here MI -- a social media campaign designed to offer a safe place for teens online that includes information on substances, pro social activities as alternatives to negative choices, body positivity, life advice, and overall encouragement.


Do you know a teen who is struggling with Substance Abuse?

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Do you or a friend or loved one need help with substance use or a Co-occurring disorder? Are you interested in having an education class provided to your youth? Just looking for some more information? Contact Ariel McGrath at (616) 396-2301 x133 or via email.


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